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Forcing Excel to Recalculate

Occasionally your computer might run out of RAM, or Excel could just get bogged down because you have too much open and things just start to not calculate properly.  Sometimes everything is working properly you just want to be sure.  The obvious thing to do is hit the “calculate now” button on the formulas ribbon.  This works and you will see Excel recalculate (normal in a second or so).  This same command can also be accomplished in VBA.  

Open the VBA window for the excel workbook -> right click on the Worksheet tab and select “view code”

Then be sure the “Immediate” window is visible -> View Menu -> immediate 

Finally type: Application.CalculateFullRebuild and hit enter.   You will see Excel recalculate. Voila. 

Calculation, excel, Excel 2010, Formulas, VBA