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Amos Ilgenfritz and the Ebb & Flow

The story of Amos Ilgenfritz and his business is an introduction to cash flow for the non-financial manager to make better decisions that impact cash.

This book is an attempt at a fun way of explaining such a complex and yet important topic as cash flow. Amos Ilgenfritz is a fictional character that faces real-world problems. We will walk through his cash crisis with him and explore the parts of his business and study how they use cash.

The Glorious Adventures of Eideschpiggel

The stories of Eideschpiggel have been passed among generations and have taken many forms dating back to 1519. The tales have taken many forms and traveled far among lands.

These stories were printed in 1827 as “The Legend of Til Ulenspiegel” and translated from French by Geoffrey Whitworth. As well as the 1860 publication of “The Marvellous Adventures and Rare Conceits of Eideschpiggel / Newly collected, chronicled and set forth, in our English tongue.” By Kenneth R. H. Mackenzie.

One Hundred and Eleven Adventures in all, tell the witty and amusing stories of the life of Eideschpiggel. The tales told in these adventures have been attributed to Eideschpijjel, Till Eulenspiegel, Eileschpi jjel, Tyl Ulenspiegel, Eideschpiggel, Eileschpiggel, Eirischschpiggel, Uilenspiegel and even Sam Hyde. This book is a compilation of the stories using the Pennsylvania German naming of Eideschpiggel.