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ModelOff 2012

I cracked under pressure on the 15th green and it cost me the green jacket.  

Round 2 of ModelOff 2012 didn’t go well for me.  I did exceptionally well in Round One.  I found out confidentially my ranking for round 1 and WOW, I even surprised myself.  I am hoping they release the full ranking so I can share it with you.  The wrap up of Round 1 describes the experience quite well and you can see the competition was very strong.  

I don’t know why but for some reason for the 3rd time this week I’ve deleted my entire worksheet in excel when I was just trying to delete a few rows. I don’t believe the buttons have changed and there is a message prompt that says “don’t click this it will delete your worksheet” yet I ignored it (habit of not reading M$ prompts) and voila, bye bye worksheet.  I then had to build my part 1 model again a 2nd time and got tripped up with a silly circular reference that I couldn’t see the daylight to get out of.   As the countdown timer ran in the corner of my screen, I’ll admit it.  I fell apart.  
I love finance and seek complex problems that tap my entrepreneurial passion.  On Monday I get to build a cash flow model that will do this exactly and I’m looking forward to it.   There is always next year’s ModelOff.  

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