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जीवने कर्तार एव सुखम् अधिगच्छन्ति.
In life, only the doers obtain happiness.

Dad, Finance Guy, CFO, Doer

Gregory Brickner

I think the world is full of great people who still know the meaning of hard work and are willing to push for their personal best. I spot the difference between dull and pretentious businesspeople and a producer who creates value by looking for the leaders at the front of the situation. My favorite people have an unyielding curiosity and epistemic humility that make them fun to be around. If you see the world I see, then I think I’d like you.

My work experience focuses on figuring out complicated performance issues for organizations challenged to find a higher tier of growth. As a CFO I believe in the necessity and growth of free cash flow above all else. Most often, this work has been for firms on Main Street as well as business units within big corporations. Both can have similar resource constraints and market issues. I tend to like Main Street better. In all cases, I push to get things done FAST, and when you need six signatures to buy coffee, I go nuts.

I enjoy working twelve-hour stretches, also known as a half-day, when necessary – it often is. I don’t care about a project unless the people I’m working with are fun to be around. I can’t stand MBA doublespeak and care for office politics even less. I cringe at executives grandstanding about their latest foray into mediocrity. I would rather dig trenches (and have) than work to build a company I was ashamed of just because it paid me a few bucks.

I have three kids, a beautiful wife, and two golden retrievers. While traveling this great country, I am on a quest to see every national park. I am an enthusiastic mind-mapper, Macintosh groupie (since OS 7), freedom cheerleader, Excel guru, and a novice maker who still has all of his fingers. If you think we’d be friends, find a way to say hello. If not, I still wish you all the best to achieve your win.

May you be happy, may you be at peace, may you be free from suffering.


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