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Fixing Launchpad for Good

I previously shared how to clean out the junk from Launchpad that is auto populated in one swoop – back to nothing.   In the following months though, clutter has again entered the space and rapidly...

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Henge Dock for Mac

Keeping my desk clean and organized is always hard to do with the spaghetti like mess of wires coming off my laptop.  Apple has not introduced a docking station for their MacBook line so I have always...

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Since Microsoft does not make a native version of SQL Server Management Studio for the Mac I have been forced to run it under Parallels which works but sometimes can be a bit cumbersome. RazorSQL...

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I love my Mac and I love Google Apps but the two do not coexist very well.  Apple Mail (the default mail client) does not like the archive vs. delete options that Gmail does so well.  Actually, it does...

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My Favorite Mac Programs

It has been two weeks since my new MacBook Air arrived and I think I have everything setup and tweaked to just the way I like it. I love the MacBook Air - it is a great machine. This process of moving...

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