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I love my Mac and I love Google Apps but the two do not coexist very well.  Apple Mail (the default mail client) does not like the archive vs. delete options that Gmail does so well.  Actually, it does not do it period.  There are a ton of work arounds you can find on Google for ways to turn your delete button into an archive button and then the Junk Mail button into the delete button.  This is just plain silly.  I want an archive button and a delete button just like in Gmail.   Am I asking for too much?

After a long search it turns out I wasn’t.  Postbox is the answer to this little problem. It is a little JV but is a viable contender for a serious mail application. It has tabs and most importantly an “archive” and “delete” button.   There is an interesting post in on their support site about ical integration not working if you buy it via the Apple App Store.   I have found ical integration to be weak and the biggest hurdle for me with this program.

Check out Postbox at: ?

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