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Author: Gregory

Pesky Diesel Exhaust Fluid

This may seem obvious to some but for the rest of us mere mortals let me explain the virtues of Diesel Exhaust Fluid, also called DEF (pronounced “deaf” ) or Add Blue.   Interesting, in...

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Visiting Pennsylvania

Made it Pennsylvania this past week.  We had fun in wonderful Hershey, the sweetest place on earth.  Obviously the dogs are a proxy for my kids in this adventure to see the country.

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The World To See

Meet Sullivan (Sully) and Taos.  These are the two newest additions to the family.  Now we have to have them travel the country to see and explore everything that is out there.

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Walking to Prevent Suicide

Last week I had a friendly call from Erin, my Walker Coach. Every year she provides me with great encouragement and advice to help me hit my fundraising goals. This friendly call from Erin caused me...

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Packing the Sprinter

When it came time to pack the Sprinter for our road trips I contemplated many options. I spent a fair amount of time reviewing the really cool options folks post on Pinterest. It is very impressive...

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