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Tower & Coda

The Folks over at Fournova have been hard at work developing their Tower Git management tool. I have said it before, and I’ll continue to admit it, I am not a hard core programmer.  I am just a finance guy that likes to use my computer to make my life easier so when I find great tools to help me do that I will share it with you.  That said, Git is an awesome tool and Tower is a great front-end gui for Git.   Tower was released early this year and the team at Fournova has continued to push out updates to make the product better.  I was very excited to see the Plugin for Coda yesterday as I was prompted for and update and scrolled the release notes.  The plugin installed easily into Coda and the ‘sites’ in Coda can be mapped to repositories in Tower.

Check out Coda:

Check out Tower:

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