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The Ultimate Family Adventure Wagon

After studying the options and contemplating the cost, I finally took the leap and bought a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. This beast on wheels drives like a mini-van, seats 12, and has another six feet of cargo past the last seat. Certainly this is not going to be my commuting vehicle but will be the perfect little people mover.

Common Questions from my friends:

You bought what?  This is essentially a FedEx truck that seats 12

Is it an RV? No, many Sprinters you see on the road are configured as an RV with sleeping beds, kitchen, and entertainment.  Mine is just a passenger van.

If you are using this for camping, why didn’t you buy an RV?  First cost.  Second, most of the RV configurations only sleep two.  I have a family of five.

How tall is it?  9′ 8″ – and I can stand up inside.

How does it drive?  Not much different than my Honda Odyssey

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