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Finding Networking Errors

I have been having some trouble on my network with dropped connections, unable to reach devices, and sometimes painfully slow traffic.  After much exploring, turning machines on and off, swapping out of switches, etc, I still had not found the source Buy tenormin online of my problems.  A co-worker (with talents far beyond mine) suggested I try Buy diflucan buy online abilify online title=”WireShark”>WireShark.   This is a free and open-source application that allows you to mine your network and see the packet transactions that are moving.  While it took a Plavix Online little bit go fiddling to figure out, Online Pharmacy No Prescription Needed the actual interface and presentation was rather simple to use.  With a few pointers and examples found on the WireShark website I was able to filter the activity and make some sense of the data.  Certainly, this program offers features beyond the skills of hacks like myself, but I was able to quickly identify a few issues on my network.  I suggest downloading it, playing with it for a while, and seeing what you can find.  Have fun!

network, opensource, wireshark