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Find Software Options with AlternativeTo

We have all been there, looking for a software application and found one option that just doesn’t fit.  Maybe it cost too much, or is too simplistic, or could just does not feel right for what you want to do.  I found a simple and clever site that takes care of this situation by listing all of the software that can be used as an alternative to the package you have already found.  Rightfully named “AlternativeTo” since it is just that.  ( For example, Photoshop might be out of the budget so what are your options?   The site list everything from Photoshop Express to the opensource options such as GIMP.

Of course every line of software code ever written are not loaded but the site does seem to have a pretty extensive library.  The recommendations seem to also fit well and I like the inclusion of opensource software options.  Since the site is ad supported there placement is friendly and unintrusive.  Overall the designers did a good job mixing functionality and utility with a structure that allows them to earn a revenue stream.   Check it out for yourself.

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