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Fear Means Go

I recently confronted a fear of mine head on and it reminded me how liberating and uplifting it is to overcome a fear.  If we are not careful fear can consume us and paralyze us from action.  So much of our suffering is caused by fear and immense freedom can come by prevailing over your fear.

Fear means go is a great mantra that encourages us to push through the things we are afraid of, to tackle them head on.  By doing this we prevent our fears from enslaving us and owning us.  The freedom from living without the shackles of fear allow each of us to live our fullest potential and develop the best talents we have.

Overcome your fear by accepting that you are really afraid of something.  We can deny this for a long time and just like admitting an addiction it is the first step to achieving success.  Next, do a little soul searching and find out what you are truly afraid of.  It is healthy to be afraid of a rattlesnake in the woods since it can kill you.  Be honest with yourself and go with your gut instinct to determine if the fear is based on insecurity or self-doubt.  Finally, turn the fear into a win by accepting it and charging towards it — unless it is a rattlesnake of course.  Fear means go is a belief in the tackling of your fears by charging them head on to overcome them.

In life we encounter people that attempt to use fear as a motivator.  Research supports that the fear of loss is vastly more powerful of a motivator than the potential for gain.  This is a tactic often used in sales and marketing messages.  By pushing through your fear you may make yourself immune to the message.

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